Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Weekend of Bikes

The last ride I went on was night ride on Friday, I haven't actuually been out for a pedal since then. Instead I have been enjoying bikes from the spectator's point of view. Saturday included a trip into The City to the Museum of Arts and Design to check out the Bespoke exhibit. My personal favorites included a Richard Sachs cyclocross race bike, the Jeff Jones 29er (with a 2x6 drivetrain), and the Sacha White Speedvagon. The Richard Sachs cross bike hadn't been touched since it's last race, leaving all the race dirt and grime, and the scraped up bar tap.
All of the builders also provided a bunch of odds and ends from their shops. Richard Sachs provided all of his old USA Cycling racing license cards, Jeff Jones provided an EBB, and Dario Pegoretti provided and ashtray with old cigarette butts in it. Since museum people are a bunch of stuffy old farts, pictures were not allowed, which was the biggest bummer. Regardless, it was nice to be inches away from some fine handbuilt bicycles that I will probably never be able to afford.

Today's fun included heading down to the City of Brotherly Love to meet some college friends, and watch the Philly International. Based upon the fact that a lot of the people I have met from Philly are quite surly, I wasn't sure what the spectating experience would be. It was basically a keg party on the streets, where open container laws didn't exist, and everyone got along. We headed over to the Manayunk Wall, which was block party waiting for cyclists to pass. The cyclists powered up the climb, we cheered, we drank, a good time was had by all. I took some shitty pictures, but hey they'll give you a better idea of what the race was like than my words.
Breakaway nearing the top of the Wall, spectators were kind enough to run a hose over to the edge of the course.
I attempt to offer a beverage to the racers
This summed the day up for the spectators
Peleton starting the descent after climbing the Wall
Local bars sponsored house parties along the course

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