Monday, June 21, 2010


Thats what the pros, coaches, and doctors call it, to me it's nothing more than sitting around like a waste of life. Not surprisingly this comes pretty easy to me, and it might be the closest thing to proper training that I do. I figure I'll spend enough time pedaling the legs and hurting the lungs this coming weekend to make up for whatever time I don't ride this week. The other factor that helps is that the weather royally sucks nuts today. Although I guess it was worse out in Billings yesterday when the only thing missing was Helen Hunt, a flying cow, and a final scene which included a rainbow and Van Hagar playing in the background. So yeah, the delightful combo of shitty weather, a long race coming up, packing and moving prep means I wont be riding to much from Monday to Friday. Instead I'll offer up a link dump.

A new drinking game (yes I have taken part in this)

All I got time for some eats and drinks

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