Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boise Recap and The Future

This report is few days late, but since I dont collect a check from this endeavor, I dont care. The fine folks over at Knobby Tires put on the 9-5 Endurance Race this past weekend in Boise. I had good luck at Knobby Tire events last year (two attempts, two wins), and enjoyed the Avimor venue last year. So here is the cliff notes version.

- Gun goes off, get my ass into fourth place for the first lap.
- Post fastest SS time on the day, dont get excited I still got about 7.25 hours of race time
- Finish lap 2, third overall, 1st SS
- Finish lap 3, now a few seconds down on SS dude from Jackson (dude took second at Laramie last year, and he is strong)
- Nearing the end of lap 4, left crank arm falls off.
- Look at it for a bit, and realize this is no quick fix. start running towards start/finish
- Bottom bracket is fucked three ways to Sunday
- Decide to see if I can keep going on my SSCX bike
- Pull off lap 5 on the CX bike. Some descents are too steep for skinny tires and cross brakes, going ass over tip is a ironclad lock.
- Call it a day and drink beer.

So yeah, didnt quite go as well as I wanted, but when I was racing I felt good and strong, and when I wasn't racing I had a beer in hand. Here are some photos.

Stream crossing

MTB still working

Lap on SSCX

As for the future, for those who don't know, at the end of the month I am moving from Missoula to attend grad school at Colorado State University. Seeing as though I will no longer be living in Montana, the whole "SSMT" thing will no longer apply to me, and therefore this site of my rants, rambles, and reports will cease to exist. I'm not sure if I will start something else up to chronicle the life of a SS junkie who is also working on a masters, only time will tell. What I do know is that I will be chronicling my summer of racing over at Drunkcyclist in the months to come. So if you still wish to follow my racing, head on over there to keep informed.

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  1. 40 Hands,
    My name is Dave. We have bumped into each other a couple times in the past few years at random races. I think we were the only two single speeders at Bohart Bash a few years back...last year I ran and grabbed your shoes or something at Rapelje during the monsoon. Anyway, I have a question for you. Email me at if you get this. Hope all is well...