Monday, June 28, 2010

Report and Final Thoughts

Got the Rapelje race report over at DC posted up yesterday, follow the link, and read. With that said, its time to get the whole packing and cleaning tasks done. To all those who followed my ramblings, thanks for reading, and bigger thanks for any feedback you gave me. Thanks to all those I have raced with/against or ridden with over the past three years, it has been memorable. Still not sure what my future in Colorado will hold for me other than plenty of time studying, but I can only hope it is as good as my time here in Montana. Special thanks go to the following people for the following reasons:

Mr. MTCX - for including me on his links list, which I'm convinced was the only reason I got traffic other than my parents.
The Mules - Fine folks who know how to have a good time, and gave me the chance to put on SSMT.
Hellgate Cyclery and MBW - for helping to keep my bikes working, and understanding that beer is a form of currency.
JedZilla - For putting in a lot of time into the Montana Cycling scene, and never asking for an ounce of credit.

Thats all I got, all the best to you MT folk.

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