Sunday, May 24, 2009

Training Day

The email from Bill read something like this, ”I plan on doing a nine hour ride on Saturday, riding a three hour loop and practicing on pits.”  With the next race on the docket being my first 24-hour solo attempt, I figured I should tag along to try to get ready.  I loaded up a backpack with all the water bottles I own, snickers bars, fig newtons, and potato chips, and made my way up to the trailhead.  I got up the trailhead and met Garland who is trying to prep for the Creampuff and Leadville, but Bill was nowhere to be seen.  As it turns out, Bill had planned to do the ride on Sunday, but neither Garland nor I wanted to put off the miles for another day.  We figured that instead of just riding a loop, we would go off and ride trails in the Rattlesnake, stopping every now and again to get more water and eat some food.  So in the end all that matters was we got our 9 hours of riding in, rode a ton of singletrack, and my legs feel pretty decent today.  Got an email from toby of me on the podium below.       

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