Friday, May 15, 2009


The usual Thursday night "Mangy Crew Ride" ride went down, and as per Mr. MTCX email instructions of bringing a date, the group came out to a solid 21.  Future Marlboro Man Himself and lady made the trip over the divide, and showed up dressed to the nines.  All were impressed with the get ups, and in due time the group made its way to the trailhead.  Despite the gloomy skies and winds, Mother Nature was kind enough to hold off on any major showers. A black bear was spotted, a good time was had by all, and there were no mechanicals until Horan managed to get a flat on the last 40 feet of trail.  Next years tax return will probably show up before I get the tall boy he promised me for lending him some CO2.  

Enjoy the photos below.  There are more, so if you were on the ride and wondered if there are any of you, drop and email to

This gal introduced herself to me, and I forgot her name in no time.  I suck, but she was a quite the pedaler, always riding up in the front.

Firebaugh doing his thing, the sharkies he offered up were tasty.

The Prodigy back from Nationals

Matty Ice and some dude whos name I never got.  

After Thursday comes Friday, which for me means a half day at work, followed by spending several hours in the black mamba driving to a race.  Last weekend it was Northern Utah, for ICUP, this weekend it's Boise for the Coyote Classic.  The drive went off with out a hitch, once I got over Lolo Pass I don't think I saw another cloud in the sky.  Hooked up the I-pod, turned up the volume, and listened to some good tunes.  The CR-V got her little swerve on, and almost made it all the way to Boise on just one tank of the old petrol.  Here's a little taste of what the drive along the Lochsa looked like.


Made it to town, and let myself into T-Sak's place where I get to crash for the weekend.  Despite all the times back at Lafayette I would wake her up at 8 am on a Saturday morning while drinking Mad Dog Number 2, she trusts me to crash out of her place even when she's on the other side of the country.  Guess those 4 years in college were worthwhile after all.  Now time to suck down another Trout Slayer, and double check all the info for Coyote Classic tomorrow.  So far its been two races and two second places, and I'm hoping for some improvement.  Good luck to all you Big Sky folk who only have to travel to Helena to race this weekend.  Spent some portion of the drive thinking that it might be better to stay in Missoula, and just do the Helena race.  Then I remind myself of getting to ride Sun Valley trail, stopping for some hot springs near Salmon, and hitting up Papa T's for some huckleberry ice cream on the way back.  It will be a good weekend.    

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  1. The event sounds good. Any SS group rides going on?

    See ya there.