Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The inspiration for SSMT came about from having had the privilege to partake in some phenomenal singlespeed events.  My buddy Dejay has been putting on SSAZ for the past four years, and I have been lucky enough to race in two editions.  SSAZ was all about a group of singlespeeders getting together, riding in the desert (in January), and spending the day riding some 50 miles worth of trails/backroads.  The people who joined in the festivities were top notch, everyone was friendly with everyone, no one talked about gearing, and the booze flowed like a Tucson flash flood.  Since SSAZ takes place in Tucson, and it costs a fair chunk of bills to get to, I figured I might as well try to make something similar to it happen in my backyard.  The Muleterro gang had already secured the date for an XC race that day, and were kind enough to let me tag along and put together my own event.  I figured it might be worthwhile to be a little bit less selfish, and spend some time to try and put together a race that I would enjoy for others. 

The idea to make it a three-part event (with one part being non-cycling) came from SSWC05 and SSUSA.  For those who don’t know SSWX05 was a two-part event, the first being the proper cross-country cycling event, the second being a Go-Cart race.  The fastest singlespeeders and some random lucky folk all started off with a blank slate after the XC race, and whoever won the Go-Cart race was the official winner.  At last years SSUSA, the top riders from an XC race (with a beer a lap minimum), and hill climb challenge, moved onto a jousting contest.  Once again after the cycling events, all those who advanced had a clean slate, and the best jouster earned the title.  For some silly reason, the idea of someone winning a cycling event, by doing the best at a non-cycling event is awesome.  Anyway, the slim skinny is that I’m trying to model an event after some of the great events that I’ve taken part in, or events that I have heard great events about.  With that I came up with SSMT, an event that I'm hoping will be create, and folks will be happy to have taken part in.


  1. if your going up to the city you better have some cash,cause the people from the city don't mess with trash

  2. Sounds like fun. Since I live in Bozeman traveling time will be short. Sounds like a friend from CO is coming up to do the race with me that weekend and Dakota 5-0 the following.