Thursday, May 6, 2010

Th "Hers" Day: For The Ladies

Starting this one off by sending some good vibes in the direction of Madison specifically for the one and only L Campbell. Not to worry the rest of dem UM Grizzlies are getting some positive juju also, but lets face it, L Campbell has got the legs, will, mind, soul, and ginger power to wreck the field at Collegiate Nationals this weekend. Can't remember how she fared last year, but when you talk about L Campbell and racing its a fair bet she got a result. I don't know if any spot on the interwebs will be providing some sort of live updates, if anyone would know its Mr. MTCX, hopefully he can post that info for the folks who care. So yeah, best of luck to all those from UM this weekend.

Other racing to kick off this weekend, include a race you may have heard of: The Giro. It's my favorite of the grand tours, and there are plenty of back stories heading into this one. People can't start the race cause of a hemeroids, Evan's wants another Aussie first, and VdV doesnt want to break a whole bunch of bones. All I know is I'm excited for the start, hope the race is clean, and the podium girls continue to be clean (link is not safe for work, or either of my parents). And on that fine note, we got some cleat skies up here in Missoula, I will be riding soon.

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