Monday, September 28, 2009


Headed on down the road to Blacksburg, VA today, the highlight of the morning was dropping a buck on the $120 million PA lottery (keep those fingers crossed).  Headed south into the the Appalachains, and remembered why despite the fact that these mountains aren't that tall, they sure are nice to look at.  After a biblical rain storm that lasted far too long, Mr. Sunshine came out and stayed out for the rest of the day.  Once in Blacksburg, I parked the car, and took a spin around the town and Va Tech's campus.  The town didn't seem to offer anything special, aside from a fair amount of bars and spots to eat.  The main thing about the campus that stuck out, was that the quad looked to be bigger than all of Lafayette's campus.  Anyway, tomorrow is when I get to tackle Va Tech, today was the day to see what the riding was like in Blacksburg.  

I only have the road bike with me, so I struck out to the west of town to find some country road to enjoy the sunshine.  To compliment all of the sunshine, was a lot of wind from seemingly every direction.  Oh well, despite the wind, few things can beat riding along east coast country roads with the sun on your back.  Once again the Appalachains might not get above 7,000 feet, but at least they were green (which is more than I can say about the hills around Missoula).  I dropped into the next valley of from Blacksburg, and just went off exploring.  The ride was great, the motorists were polite, and the one buzzkill was that I didn't see anyone selling moonshine on the side of the road.  The scenery is what you see below, and it made me wonder whether or not there were trails cutting through these forests (there have to be, or else local mtb'ers deserve a smack on the back of the head).  

While I'm not a huge fan of folks putting up messages of how to act because you are in "God's Country", at least this sign had a decent message on it.  

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