Monday, July 20, 2009

Surly Comes Up HUGE

It’s official SSMT has an official sponsor, the fine folks over at Surly Bikes have been kind enough to provide me with all sorts of swag and prizes for all who choose to compete. I cam home to a box full of hats, socks, tensioners, patches, and other assorted goodies. I had the pleasure to meet some of the fine folks who are part of the Minnesota Mafia back at the 2007 running of SSAZ, and they were nothing but a good time. Staying up late, sucking down booze, and listening to punk rock was the impression they left on me, and I’ve though the world of them since. Not only are these fine folks fun to be around, but the products they make are top notch. The one wool cycling cap I’ve had for the past two years is from Surly, and it has taken quite the beating, yet still shows little signs of wear. When I needed a new chainring or rear cog for my mountain bike, I order something from Surly because their products will last longer than a lot of the other products available. So with that, I send my thanks to Surly for their support of SSMT, I am in their debt for a while now.

The box of goodies from Surly raised my spirits after spending 14 hours in the car

And about that whole National Championship race I did this past weekend, all I have to say is that I had absolutely no bike handling skills, and rode like crap. Aside from that it was good to spend time with Montana Cycling Power-Couple, the Curry’s who offered me a couch to sleep on in their condo for the weekend. I wish there had been more time to check out some of the other trails in the area, as well as the trails which we drove by in the Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming area we drove through. I must say, getting my ass handed to me, has given me some new sorts of motivation I haven’t had in a couple months. Hopefully I can get some legs back for Galena this weekend, and Laramie next weekend, and I must say the views in Colorado were spectacular.

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