Friday, December 18, 2009

Trainer Rides - NJ style

Back in the Derty Jerz for the Holidays, meaning exercise either comes in the form of trail running over in the Reservation, or riding my dads bike on the trainer in the basement. I have little desire to run in the reservation, despite the fact that it would provide a nice dose of Vitamin D. Alas, that means I get to rock out on the trainer in the basement. Lucky for me Dad and I are similar enough in feet size and height that I can get away with using his bike, and shoes, so all I had to bring was a pair of shorts and some shirts. The good news is that I can bring down a laptop, set it up on the ping pong table and keep my brain occupied. Big thanks to Big Jonny for posting up "The Impossible Hour" about Ole Ritter chasing the hour record, that was some good stuff. Here is what riding a trainer in my parents basement, using borrowed gear is like.

Old Cannondale tucked into a corner next to the ping pong table and surrounded by deck furniture.

My old MTB shoes I bought back in high school, they still fit

The view from the bike, a post, fake flowers, treadmill, board games, and other random crap shoved into a closet.

When was the last time you saw grip shifters on drop bars?

Keeping the bike secure, McGeyver style

My motivation, 21 year old Scotch

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