Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quick Rapelje

A full report will follow in the next couple of days, but the 24 Hours of Rapelje became the "A little under 8 hours of Rapelje" this year due to heavy rains.  The rains made the course un-rideable, and the organizers were forced to cut the event short.  Despite all that the Missoulians cleaned house in the solo categories, with Bill Martin winning the overall title by completing seven laps, and Meg Fisher winning the womens class with 5 laps.  I took the solo singlespeed title, also competing seven laps (Bill and I were the only solo guys to get seven laps in), somewhere around 20 minutes or so behind Bill.  I've posted some of the pictures, and more will follow when I get them.  Also bumped into some folks who were interested in SSMT, which added to my overall enjoyment of the weekend.  Until I get the full post up, enjoy the picture Big Jonny down at DC sent me this past Thursday.  The back story is that for the past three years we bet a case of Olde English on one Giants Eagles game every year.  It brought a tear to my eye.  

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